Introduction   I designed and fabricated an automated goto, tracking telescope. ‘Goto’ means that the telescope can rotate and change its position using motors to point to a specified celestial object. ‘Tracking’ means that it can track the apparent motion of the object, caused by the rotation of the earth about its axis. The telescope receives […]

Radio Transmitter

My first real project in electronics was an AM Radio transmitter that I made in the 9th grade. One day at the end of 8th grade, while listening to the radio, I started wondering how radio transmission and reception works. I was intrigued by this wireless transmission of information and wanted to know how it […]

Tesla coil

Tesla Coil   While studying about electromagnetism, I was fascinated by Electric and Magnetic fields. The concept of force-fields was new to me and when I read about Tesla Coils I had to try it out for myself. A tesla coil is a form of a resonant transformer. It creates a powerful electric field in […]

Water level indicator

Water-level indicator Aurangabad is in a drought-prone region of Maharashtra. We always have a shortage of water and need to optimize its usage. In this regard, I made a water level indicator that shows how much water there is in the storage tank, so we can plan the day’s water usage in advance. The water level […]


A tachometer is a device used in cars and rotatory machines to measure the rpm of the motor. I made a hand-held Arduino-based optical tachometer that uses infrared LEDs to measure the rpm. A tachometer is a useful instrument to have around while experimenting with motors and any moving mechanics. It consists of an infrared LED […]

Electronic trigger (Explosion)

Diwali season is here, the festival of lights, joy and happiness. So what better way to DIY this diwali than to make an electronic trigger for diwali crackers and explosives. I gave up bursting crackers a long time ago for a variety of reasons (air and noise pollution, realisation that it is pretty pointless not […]

Single Slit Experiment

The single slit experiment demonstrates an interesting phenomenon of waves called diffraction. This page is intended for those already familiar with diffraction and wave particle duality of light. To learn about these in brief I recommend this site: SINGLE SLIT DIFFRACTION. Here are the basics: Light doesn’t necessarily travel in straight lines. While propagating (ie […]