Green Aurangabad

Green Aurangabad is an organisation that promotes environmental conservation. We are passionate about preserving the environment. Our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint by planting trees and following the three R’s:

  1. Reduce:  usage of plastic, fossil fuels…
  2. Reuse:  EVERYTHING
  3. Recycle: Glass, Metal scrap, Paper, and anything else that can be recycled.

We grow plants in our backyard from seeds collected by the members, and distribute them for free to anyone willing to take care of them. Among the variety of plants that we develop, we generally grow native, fruit-bearing trees over flowering ones, as fruit-bearing trees can also benefit a large number of birds, insects and animals.

We promote a clean and green lifestyle. Simple acts like switching off lights and fans while leaving a room, or carrying a bag while going shopping (instead of getting a new plastic bag), carpooling or cycling whenever possible, can make a big difference.

Our focus is on influencing young children as they are impressionable at this age and are likely to remember and adopt these lessons in their lifestyle.

Here are some pictures of our backyard and the plants that we have grown.

We frequently organise tree plantation drives in the rainy season for kids, college-going students as well as adults. We plant trees in schools, colleges, housing societies, near Aurangabad’s surrounding hills and along roads. In these plantation ‘trips’ we plant seeds and saplings, water the saplings that we had planted last time, deweed and clean the area to benefit the new saplings.



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